Monday, October 12, 2009

This N That

For some reason this morning my mind seems to be going in all different directions and not really on blogging.  Sorta a BLAH morning.  It's dreary here, chance of rain and we're suppose to take the kids to the county fair tonight.  Only night that my two step-kids will be here to go with us.  So I sit here and ponder, do I blog about all the awesome giveaways I've come across.  Then I saw an idea from Jessica over at    I'm not stealing   copying any of her links.  You will just have to go check them out yourself. 

Blogs that have information on them.  Not just your everyday happenings.       Using your blog for good, there's some great tips, so go check them out.  This is another one with great blogging tips.  For a really cute little girls bathroom idea.  Very simple and affordable.  Are you looking for some great southern recipes?  Look no further she has plenty of them.  I'm trying her sour cream biscuits soon.   Found this one recently, always good for a laugh or two.  She's handling life with 2 sets of twins.  More power to her.  I couldn't do it.  This one has great activities for young children.  She's uses simple everyday stuff you have around the house.    When I need encouragement I go to read Jennifer's blog.  She is so real.  She comes across as the type that she is what she is.  That no matter where you might see her, or what day it is, she's still the same.    Mandy has started a wonderful volunteer program.  If you have ever had a child in the hospital you know there's always so much that is needed to be done back at home.  If nothing but a hot meal for those at home, or bring one to you.  You can't stand but so much take-out.  Go check her out she can explain it so much better than I can.

I could go on and on but for some reason it won't copy and paste or link anymore and it's just too frustrating.   Just check out my blogroll, trust me there is plenty there.  The kids are waking up and are wanting breakfast.  Clothes need to be folded, and dishes washed.


  1. Lord, don't I know what you're talkin' about! Lol.

  2. That's how my mind works all the time!

    PS Thank you for stopping by on my special day!

  3. Great idea, I love to find new places to go.

  4. What a great way to spread the love and joy on Monday by passing along some great blogs and what we are likely to find there.

    You are one blessed lady!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Thanks for the tips on great blogs to visit.

    GOD BLESS, andrea

  6. If this makes you feel any better, it was not raining here but SNOWING when I got up this morning. :-) Thanks for all the great links!
    pk @ Room Remix

  7. Thank you so much, Thena for such sweet words...of truth about me and my blog. I have always been the type of person that what you see is what you get. I don't believe in putting on aires for anyone. I can't stand phonies and if I am going to share the storms of my life...then it has to be the ugly truth of the matter. There are days that I am in the bottom of the pit and feel as low as a person can get but other days...I'm on top of the mountains or soaring with the eagles. Either place...God is still there and He has brought me through all kinds of "junk" and "storms" in my life and always will.

    Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, my life will slow down and settle down to be able to get back to writing and visiting like I used to.

    Have a great day, my friend!

  8. It's so easy to get hooked on blogs, isn't it?

  9. Great list! I get bloggy scatter brained sometimes too!

    Visiting from SITS!

    I hope you'll come by and check out my giveaway going on!

    Nana's Box


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