Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

Happy Halloween!!  I hope everyone has a fun, and safe Halloween.  We're going to a Fall Festival this afternoon, then trick-or-treat tonight.
 Here are a few pictures from last Saturday when we took a trip to the local Pumpkin Patch.  If you haven't read Megan's recap of it, check it out, her pictures are also much much better.   Maybe Nana needs a new camera from Santa for Christmas.   A little over an hour trip turned into about 3 hours or so.

We jumped on a air pillow, and swung on a big sewer pipe.

.Then there was the duck race, using old water pumps.

Not sure which was Makayla's favorite the pedal carts....

or this, the rip cord.  Denny even wanted to ride it but there was a 150 lb capacity lmit.

Then it was off to the corn maze, one ws numbered 1-3, and the other was 4-10.  Can you guess which one we choose?  Yep, the shortest one.

Had to get at least one picture in here of Emily.  Well maybe two . 

But as you can see Emily didn't want any part of the pumpkin patch.


  1. Looks like fun. Cute pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Hope you have a happy halloween!!!

  3. How fun! I miss those days with the boys.

  4. Hi, me again - wanted to drop by and let you know you are my Site of the Day - this time for being my Number 1 Entrecard dropper. Thank you!!!!

  5. Great pics!! Hope you had a fun Halloween!!

  6. Looks like you had a great time at the Fall fest! I love Fall fests! All the leaves are off the trees here now and it is getting colder! yuck.


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