Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something is happening tomorrow that I have been waiting on for almost eight years. The dad of my kids and I divorced in July 2001. He filed for divorce only 10 days after our youngest daughter Makayla turned a year old. After the divorce his Mom passed away that October. That was the last time I saw his brother, sister, and their families, and the last time my kids saw their Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Other than once or twice our two older kids saw them because of a death in their family. Other than that their Dad hasn't bothered to take them to see his family, and I wasn't welcome to take them.
Well my exes brother's father-in-law passed away in June 2006 and I sent them a sympathy card. Then in December 2007 when my youngest brother passed away they sent me a sympathy card. I cried and cried because I felt as all was well again. The kids didn't ask for the divorce.
As far as his sister, I have found her on myspace and emailed her and told her whatever I had done that I was sorry. But I have never heard back from her. But my conscience is clear.
I have three sister-in-laws on my side of the family that has divorced three of my brothers but their still my sister-in-laws and are still referred to by my kids as Aunt.
Anyways I've said all that to say this. A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation in the mail from my ex-husbands nephews wife for his niece's baby shower.
I am so excited. Megan my oldest daughter also received an invitation, so both my girls are going. This will be the first time Makayla had seen any of them since she was a year old so to her it's like meeting strangers. She's going to finally be able to meet her Aunt and cousins.
It's been eight years so I just pray I'm not so nervous. I probably won't be able to sleep tonight because I have been praying for so long for a way for my kids to see family that they have.


  1. That is good news. Just because a divorce happens doesn't erase a whole family from your kids. When I divorced in 1988, I was lucky to maintain a very civil relationship with my exes family. Good luck n have fun at this special time in your daughters life.

  2. Good luck & hopefully this will be the beginning of a family reunion that will last a very long time.
    Know that you NEVER did anything wrong. Even if they aren't the ones telling you that.
    Its so funny that you mentioned Mom in this b/c just last night I was talking about a conversation Brian & I had about "his Aunt Teresa" to Shawn. He said well that's not his Aunt anymore. Guess that is one thing he hadn't realized. Aunt Nancy hasn't "legally" been my Aunt since I was born but she is more my Aunt than Ronnie my Uncle.
    You so get this!!

  3. That is wonderful!!!!! I'm happy for you.
    Hugs, Sandy

  4. Oh my goodness, I never realized what a blessing it was that my first husband, my ex, was an only child. Only his mother disliked me and hid it well enough for my daughter's wedding. All the while my ex and I got along and discussed the children when needed.
    Blessing and wishes for you and the children during your reunion:-)

  5. Hi Thena, I just read your comment on my blog and had no idea you lived so close to our place in Brunswick. When we come down again for the winter, it would be wonderful if we could meet somewhere. Lets keep it in mind. Have a great weekend. :~)

  6. Excellent. It's nice when old family wounds begin to heal, especially for the children involved.


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